This blog is about reporting on certain unconventional and unorthodox ideas, while fully acknowledging that these ideas are not necessarily backed up by rigorous clinical validation or FDA approval.

While the author of this blog makes every attempt to be truthful and accurate in his reporting, he makes no medical prescriptions or scientific claims. Kindly consult your personal physician before making any changes to your lifestyle based on any information in this blog. Any actions taken by readers of this blog are their own personal responsibility. While the author of this blog only seeks to promote positivity and desires to uplift humanity, he assumes no personal responsibility for the results of any actions taken by readers of the blog. The author of this blog is also not affiliated with any business, company or product mentioned in the blog, nor is he seeking to sell or promote any kind of product or business. Please do your own research and use at your own discretion.

This blog will frequently review books on esoteric subjects. The author of the blog acknowledges that the books being reviewed may or may not be in the public domain. In the case of copyrighted materials, the author of the blog makes no claim to authorship of the cited content. The blog also provides extensive annotations to give credit where credit is due. All citations of third party texts are made under fair use guidelines.

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